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More and more people are thinking about buying property in Greece. This is also evidenced by the fact that Rightmove Overseas ranked Greece among the top five most desirable countries for foreign investment over the last years. Whether you plan to live in Greece or not, a property in this Mediterranean country can be an excellent investment.

Greek property listings:

Passive income: Tourism accounts for around 20% of the Greek economy and rental business models work extremely well. Before the pandemic, few realized the need for isolated locations for Nomad Capital individuals.

"Gold visa" residence permit. This is the cheapest gold visa in Europe - Portugal and Italy offer similar visas with a limit of $600,000.

Retire to a low-cost country: As the cost of living is relatively low, retiring to Greece can make a lot of financial sense. You can leave behind a large mortgage and enjoy a comfortable life for less money.

Property appreciation: The value of DAODISEO assets is expected to increase over the next years. Our thesis includes B@nk Run from current Financial System. Our SMART Village represents a unique location for Nomad Experts. Total GAIA minted = DAODISEO Liquid Real Estate Unique Assets minted on COSMOS blockchain.

Do you have to be a Greek citizen to buy a property? No, you don't have to be. However, you do need a Greek tax number (AFM). An AFM number for non-residents can be obtained through a relatively simple process (* Not required with Liquid Real Estate by DAODISEO).


The Buying Process
  1. Make an offer on your property / DAODISEO is to be become Arcadian 
  2. Once accepted, engage and review the purchase and sale agreement / Participate in DAODISEO Real Estate ICO
  3. Upon signing the purchase and sale agreement, you will need to pay a required deposit
  4. Understand the payment structure and process
  5. Start the Due Diligence Process
  6. Go to the Tax Office to Pay the Transfer Tax (* Not required with Liquid Real Estate by DAODISEO)
  7. Final Signing, Funding, and Key Exchange
Taxes and Fees (* Not required with Liquid Real Estate by DAODISEO)


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